New Beginnings Moorside Childrens Centre | Testimonials
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Parents / Carers Views

“My child has grown in both social aspects and intellectual aspects of her development and she has been aided by her time spent at nursery. I feel the nursery offers a safe and stimulating environment for my child, and I know she feels happy there.”

“My son is really settled and comes home with lots of stories about his time at nursery; his transition into the big room has been really smooth and I really appreciate that he moved up slightly earlier than planned because staff could see he was ready for this.”

“Jessica loves nursery and has always come home happy and full of what she had done. She thinks the world of the practitioners and misses them and nursery when she is not there. Jessica has been at nursery for nearly 4 years and she had developed so much in your care and it has helped her to be who she is now. The staff are great, very friendly and approachable and they are an extension of Jess’ family.”

“Ellie-Mae goes bouncing in the door ready to start her day. She is full of news and activities, stories she has read etc. She talks about the staff and when it’s time for home she asks “I come back mammy?” That says it for me. Staff are very approachable, caring and professional. The girls have done a fantastic job and have given my child lots of different learning experiences, time and care.”

“It took a while for my daughter to settle but all the staff have been fantastic and she now looks forward to going, Excellent, professional staff.”

Ofsted Views

“Children are cared for in a positive, nurturing environment. They are making good progress in their learning and development. All children are valued for their individuality and treated with equal respect and concern, enabling them to feel fully included.”

“Staff work well as a team and are enthusiastic and committed.”

“Children are happy and settled at the setting. They are confident, active learners who relate very well to the adults who care for them. Staff have good knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage and of the individual needs and interests of the children in their care.”

“Staff use praise and encouragement consistently to support children’s learning and development as they play.”